Monday. Again?

Today, after these last busy weeks, I’m staying home to do nothing in particular.

Take that, Monday!

It’s good to take a day once in a while to sit back and reconnoiter.  Whenever I complete a task that has taken all my attention for a long time,  I have to stop and think about what’s next. We been so busy turning rentals over the last year or so, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Luckily, we pulled over at some point and planted tomatoes, can’t imagine a Summer without a garden. Our orchard looks good, we took time to straighten out the drip lines, hang some bug traps, and weed around the trees. We had to thin the apples pretty aggressively. Now that little bit of attention seems to be paying off, there’s a lot of fruit. Tomorrow we’ll cover the trees with shade cloth to keep the apples from getting sunburn.

There, that was something  – I been searching my head for a “normal” thought, something besides “clean the…”

I hope the jays haven’t already got our blueberries – last time I  checked, they were loaded with little green balls, but I forgot about them in the rush to get a tenant moved in.

The dogs keep us down to earth. They need a bath today, Biscuit woke me up scratching her ears, jingling the tags on her collar. They had their rattlesnake shots last week,  and as usual she’s got a big sore lump at the injection site, makes her seem very, very old. But, when we’re making our way around the trails it is nice to be ready. Our neighbor’s dog has been bit twice in the face. The first bite was almost deadly, and the vet bill almost killed the owner. The second bite was not nearly as bad, just a visit to the vet instead of a week. So we get the shots.

We have human children too, but they’re not half the trouble. My younger son is with us for a couple more weeks before he has to go back to school. He and his brother just went up the coast for the weekend. They are working together for a local landscaper. It’s reassuring to know our adult children like each other.

So it’s Monday, and I should really motivate. After another cup of coffee.



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