The Big Heat

I haven’t been posting much these days because my computer is slow – I dumped Comcast, which is great, but now I’m on a mobile hotspot, and that’s kinda sketchy. 

Remember Dial Up? 

We’ve also been having all sorts of distractions. My son and his girlfriend came for a couple of days and we got to take a road trip up the canyon. We did a lot of cooking, my son made dutch oven brownies. We watched old movies on our little tv/dvd player.  As soon as they left the Big Heat set in. 

Yeah, that’s one of my favorite movies, with Glenn Ford and Lee Marvin, but I here mean, very high temperatures. 

90 degrees is pretty hot up here, 100 is almost unbearable. The cabin gets up to about 90, it’s nauseating. The little loft where I keep my computer is a hot box by 9 am. 

So we get up, take the dogs for a walk, and do whatever chores we have lined up, and then we spend the rest of the day trying to stay cooled off. 

We have a tiny Intex swimming pool. We have enough electricity at our pump house to run the filter and jets, and who needs the heater. We get in the pool between chores, it’s a life saver. We have the dog pool right next to it, in the shade, and the dogs spend their day between their little pool and the ruts they have dug under our 10 x 12. 

Yesterday was awful, I kept thinking I was going to barf, and my feet swelled up in my sandals until there were pressure marks across the tops of my feet. So today my husband is going to get out the generator and set up R2D2 – our little portable air conditioner. We can run it for hours on very little gas. We tried to tough it out yesterday, but it was miserable. Today is predicted to be even hotter, so we’re doing it. 

I’m planning to sit at my kitchen table and write letters to friends and relatives, drink Kool Aide, and lounge with my husband in the pool. We bbq’d a bunch of chicken the other night, which is fantastic, cause we won’t have to cook again until tomorrow night. 

Time to  get out there and get what we can out of the day before we scurry in to the AC.