The container garden is working out good!

While I am pretty frustrated with my computer service here on the hill, one thing that’s working out for me is the container garden.


All the tomatoes we potted are producing well.

We planted Early Girls, which are usually smaller, salad size tomatoes. We haven’t been disappointed, they’re big enough for sandwiches too.


They’re coming in fast, I have a dozen or so in the cooler.

I will probably end up making a batch of sauce. I like my sauce pressed, so I’ll have to dig my tomato press out of storage. But won’t it be fun to open a container of sauce in January?


We got these yellow striped cherry tomatoes from our neighbor, and this bush is really starting to pay off, with tiny green fruit all over it.

So every day we can eat tomatoes, I never would have believed that. 


Tomato sandwich for lunch, and plenty left over for dinner salad.